Drug Crimes

28 Jul

Nursing home director accused of drug trafficking

A Laurinburg nursing home director — who managed a nursing home cited for countless state...

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25 Jul

Smartphones and the Fourth Amendment: ‘Most Important Privacy Case in a Generation’

The Case of Carpenter v. United States We wait with bated breath the next term of...

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Bar Exam Day One: Good Luck and Congratulations to Our $2,500 Scholarship Winners

Today is Day One of the North Carolina bar exam in Raleigh. The two-day “event”...

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21 Jul

Driving under the influence of electronics: 9 people die per day

Every North Carolina driver has seen someone driving beside them while operating a smartphone. Some...

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14 Jul

Purple drank warning: This beverage is not legal

You might remember several years ago when “Purple Drank” — a beverage made by mixing...

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7 Jul

Defending North Carolina residents against drunk driving charges

Imagine you were arrested for drunk driving late on a Saturday night after attending a...

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