Drunk Driving

24 Nov

Hollywood actor arrested after crashing Porsche

A Porsche belonging to Hollywood actor Christopher McDonald veered off the road in Lake Arrowhead...

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20 Nov

How drinking impacts blood alcohol levels

Blood alcohol concentration is a measure of the amount of alcohol in your body. Generally,...

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17 Nov

2 men accused of possessing 85 pounds of marijuana

The Wake County Sheriff’s Office arrested two men on a recent Thursday afternoon, alleging that...

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10 Nov

3 questions about intoxicated boating

A lot of boating enthusiasts do not realize that a North Carolina police officer can...

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4 Nov

Suspected drunk driver arrested after alleged shooting incident

Three men were arrested last Friday morning in Liberty after local police say someone opened...

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3 Nov

When do criminal cases get tried in federal court?

The vast majority of criminal trials are handled in the state and county court systems....

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