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Hollywood actor arrested after crashing Porsche

| Nov 24, 2017 | Drunk Driving |

A Porsche belonging to Hollywood actor Christopher McDonald veered off the road in Lake Arrowhead Village late last month. The vehicle crashed into a gas valve, causing a natural gas leak in the area. The leak continued for an hour before it could be repaired. In the interim, community members said that they were suffering from headaches caused by the gas.

Fortunately, no explosions happened because — according to a gas company representative — the gas was being released into open air. Nevertheless, authorities evacuated the area just to be safe.

The actor who caused the crash and ensuing gas leak was arrested by police after he allegedly failed a field sobriety test. The actor — who stayed at the crash site following the incident — was later charged with driving under the influence by police. Police say that the actor tried to dissuade them from arresting him by informing them that he starred in the movie “Happy Gilmore.” However, officers arrested him anyway.

According to TMZ, the man stayed in jail until he was sober. Then, he was finally released without having to pay bail. The actor has lived in the Lake Arrowhead Village area for many years and his children have attended local schools in the area. According to police, this is not McDonald’s first DUI arrest. That occurred in Wilmington in 2013.

Readers of this blog should be reminded: Just because you are arrested and accused of drunk driving doesn’t mean that you will be convicted. This actor, just like anyone else facing DUI charges, will have the right to pursue financial restitution and justice in court.

Source: Alpen Horn News, “Accident forces evacuation of Lake Arrowhead Village,” Rhea-Frances Tetley, Nov. 05, 2017


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