Drunk Driving

29 Dec

The 3 kinds of “DUI stories”

Criminal defendants will want to do everything they can to avoid conviction and/or reduce the...

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22 Dec

What questions should I ask my criminal defense attorney?

When you’re in the market for a criminal defense lawyer, you’ll want to review your...

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15 Dec

Woman accused of drunk driving after crash

Police arrested and accused a 33-year-old woman of drunk driving after she was involved in...

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11 Dec

The Al Franken/Roy Moore Weirdness

We don’t know how things are done in Minnesota or Alabama, but in North Carolina,...

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6 Dec

Police accuse 3 people after finding 600 baggies of heroin

The Nash County Sheriff’s office arrested and accused three people of possessing hundreds of baggies...

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1 Dec

Why is fentanyl dangerous?

The problem of opioid and heroin addiction is getting worse every day in North Carolina....

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