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Woman accused of drunk driving after crash

On Behalf of | Dec 15, 2017 | Drunk Driving |

Police arrested and accused a 33-year-old woman of drunk driving after she was involved in a multi-vehicle car crash last week. According to authorities, she struck two cars, fled the accident scene in her vehicle and continued driving home.

Later, police caught up to the woman at her apartment complex and arrested her. Police further allege that when they tested the woman’s blood alcohol content (BAC), she tested to have almost triple the legal limit in her system. They say she had a .23 percent BAC, red, glassy eyes and a strong smell of alcohol on her breath.

Police charged the woman with failure to slow down, driving without a license, DWI and hit-and-run. They booked her into jail and her bond was set to nearly $25,000. At this time, it’s unknown if the woman has secured legal counsel yet for her defense.

Whenever an alleged drunk driving incident is reported in the news, it’s important for readers to keep in mind that we have only heard the information as it was released by the police who arrested the accused person. It’s also important to remember that every person will remain innocent until proven to be guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a proper court of law. Until this occurs, everyone will have the opportunity to defend him or herself against the charges.

Although the results of an intoxicated driving defense cannot be predicted with absolute accuracy, a criminal defense lawyer can offer guidance and direction as to an appropriate course of action. For example, in some cases, it could be suitable to plead not guilty, and in other cases, it could be a better idea to negotiate a plea deal in exchange for a reduction in punishments.

Source: wyff4.com, “Police: Drunk woman hit vehicles, fled from scene,” Adam Lawson, Dec. 11, 2017


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