Drug Crimes

30 Mar

Police have arrested a man on drug trafficking charges in Candler

A man from Candler has been arrested on charges of drug trafficking. Authorities say that...

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22 Mar

Does the ‘affluenza’ defense really work?

Many North Carolina residents may have heard the story of the Texas teenager who was...

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20 Mar

The School Shootings Club for Survivors

A Google search on “arming teachers” pulls up these headlines: Arming Teachers Is a Terrible...

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16 Mar

3 important components of a drunk driving arrest

Whenever a drunk driving arrest occurs, a North Carolina resident can expect that the three...

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9 Mar

What are the contrasts between state and federal prison?

Individuals accused of federal crimes often want to know the differences between state and federal...

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2 Mar

Lawmakers propose ban on semiautomatic assault weapons

Two Democratic representatives introduced a bill that would ban assault weapons last Monday. The bill...

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