Drunk Driving

25 May

What should I expect during a field sobriety test?

Police conduct field sobriety tests as a part of their drunk driving investigations. Police usually...

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18 May

Managing the client who won’t keep their mouth shut

Every lawyer has one of them: The client who can’t keep quiet. Who won’t follow...

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16 May

Underage drinking and underage drinking and driving

Underage drinking is a common issue throughout the United States. Because all forms of drinking...

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11 May

What Are The Some Common Defenses Against Drug Crime Allegations?

Ever since the United States began its war on drugs, state and federal governments have...

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7 May

What does the “Golden State Killer” case mean for genetic privacy?

It’s a story that seems straight out of a CSI episode: A cold case involving a string...

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3 May

Law enforcement using ghost cars to enforce drunk driving laws

The North Carolina State Highway Patrol has a new kind of vehicle in its arsenal....

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