Drug Crimes

27 Jul

Intentional versus unintentional crimes

Sometimes North Carolina residents intentionally commit a crime — perhaps by knowingly selling an illegal...

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22 Jul

Greenlighting recreational marijuana: Will others soon follow in Canada’s wake?

Earlier this week, the Canadian Senate voted to legalize recreational marijuana, overturning 95 years of...

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20 Jul

Could the federal government legalize marijuana soon?

There’s no telling how soon the federal government could legalize marijuana, but certain U.S. senators...

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13 Jul

Supreme Court strikes down warrantless search of motorcycle in driveway

Privacy rights are at the heart of a free society. The Fourth Amendment provides valuable...

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Zero tolerance drunk driving charges in North Carolina

When it comes to drunk driving, North Carolina is a zero tolerance state in multiple...

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6 Jul

What constitutes drug paraphernalia?

It’s illegal to possess drug paraphernalia – everyone knows this – but many people don’t...

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