Drunk Driving

31 Aug

Resident physician accused of drunk driving in Morganton

A resident doctor was suspended from employment after police in Morganton arrested and charged him...

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24 Aug

3 types of drug crimes charges

Drug crimes are some of the most common crimes that any individual can be accused...

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21 Aug

Why do innocent people take guilty pleas?

Innocent until proven guilty. It’s the foundation of our criminal justice system. It’s the guiding principle...

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19 Aug

Manafort trial: Is analyzing jury questions just guesswork?

Last Wednesday, a jury found former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort guilty of eight federal...

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17 Aug

Drug crime allegations: How to choose a defense attorney

No matter the circumstances of your arrest, if you’ve been charged with drug-related crimes, you’re...

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8 Aug

Drunk driving charges after a fatal crash need a careful defense

A drunk driving conviction can result in serious criminal consequences. These consequences, however, will be...

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