Drunk Driving

30 Nov

Don’t make a holiday mistake: Avoid a drunk driving charge

Drunk driving is dangerous and opens up the possibility of a world of legal trouble...

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28 Nov

Attorney Frank Jones wins Superior Court judge seat for New Hanover County

Wilmington, NC – We would like to extend our congratulations to attorney Frank Jones for his...

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26 Nov

Types of internet sex crimes

The internet can be one of the most helpful technologies out there today. It can...

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The drunk driving checkpoint and what to expect

Drunk driving is a serious crime that occurs in Raleigh, North Carolina and all over...

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14 Nov

Ex-Panther Rae Carruth released after 18 years in prison for conspiring to murder pregnant girlfriend

The former wide receiver’s brief NFL career has long been overshadowed by the dark chapter...

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9 Nov

2 ways to defend against drug possession charges

Even if police accuse you of possessing only a small amount of drugs, the allegations...

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