Criminal Justice

29 Mar

Stormy Daniels’ attorney Michael Avenatti faces charges that could land him almost 100 years in jail

Michael Avenatti became a familiar face on cable news shows when he represented adult film...

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27 Mar

The Russia investigation may be over, but do the findings raise more questions than answers?

After 675 days, 500 witnesses, 2,800 subpoenas, dozens of indictments, and eight guilty pleas or...

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15 Mar

R. Kelly saga continues with explosive interview, criminal charges

Few allegations are more incendiary than sex offenses involving minors. For R. Kelly, a decades-long...

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14 Mar

New Wilmington office location now open full-time

Our office in Wilmington, North Carolina, has moved! Roberts Law Group now has a full-time location in...

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12 Mar

Suspect arrested 11 years after Charlotte quadruple murder, but cold case is far from shut

It was an early spring morning in March 2008 when Charlotte police made a gruesome...

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11 Mar

“Leaving Neverland” may ruin MJ’s image – and his music – forever

It’s been almost a decade since Michael Jackson’s death. The King of Pop’s legacy has...

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