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Raleigh parents arrested for alleged child abuse of four-month old baby

On Behalf of | May 16, 2020 | Criminal Defense |

RALEIGH N.C. – On October 25, 2019, police executed a warrant to arrest Verdine Dunn, 24, for allegedly abusing his four-month-old daughter. The baby’s mother, Nicole Latorre, 34, was also arrested for failing to report the alleged repeated abuse, which according to investigators, had been going on for several months.

According to a report, the child sustained arm and rib fractures, a collarbone fracture, liver injury, and bruises on the body and face. There was an indication that the fractures were sustained at different times, and there were also signs of blunt force trauma. The baby is now in the care of Child Protective Services.

Ms. Latorre was charged with negligent child abuse, and is currently out on bond.

Mr. Dunn was charged with felony intentional child abuse causing serious bodily injury and felony negligent child abuse. His bond was set at $400,000, and the terms of the bond forbid him from having further contact with his infant daughter. Reports say that Mr. Dunn has had prior convictions, including a misdemeanor assault charge.

In North Carolina, all forms of child abuse (physical, sexual, emotional, etc.) are serious crimes. Also, mandatory reporting rules make it illegal to not report child abuse for certain parties. A person convicted of child abuse could spend months to years in prison. One can also lose custody of the child and visitation rights.

If you are charged with child abuse or suspect that child abuse is going on, call to get a free consultation with the attorneys at Roberts Law Group.

All individuals accused of crimes are presumed to be innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.


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