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Does the 'affluenza' defense really work?

Many North Carolina residents may have heard the story of the Texas teenager who was involved in a serious drunk driving accident that resulted in the death of four people in 2013. The teenager caused the accident and deaths because he was intoxicated, and normally that would result in a long jail sentence.

3 important components of a drunk driving arrest

Whenever a drunk driving arrest occurs, a North Carolina resident can expect that the three following components also occurred. The first relates to the reason why you were pulled over and the second two relate to the reasons why you were ultimately arrested. Did all three of these DUI components happen in your case:

Can you get a hangover DWI?

You go out drinking with some friends from college. It's been 10 years since you went to school together, and the reunion is great. You stay up until two in the morning, even though you have work the next day, enjoying the time with your friends.

What's a 'per se' drunk driving law?

When a defendant is facing drunk driving charges, he or she will be bombarded with new vocabulary and unfamiliar legal terms along every stage of the process. One of these pieces of "legal jargon" is a way to refer to certain types of laws with the descriptor "per se." So, what is a "per se" DWI law, and what does it mean?

Drivers using social media to avoid drunk driving checkpoints

Social media is a powerful tool to connect people and help them stay in touch. These days, drivers in North Carolina are finding a new way to use social media to warn each other of DWI checkpoints throughout the city -- giving drivers the opportunity to avoid these checkpoints and possibly preventing their arrest.

The 3 kinds of "DUI stories"

Criminal defendants will want to do everything they can to avoid conviction and/or reduce the severity of their punishments during their trial proceedings. The same is true for DUI defendants. If you are facing DUI charges, you'll need to fully understand the facts of your case -- and your charges -- in order to construct the most appropriate defense strategy given your situation. Part of the process of planning your defense will involve determining the "story" you will present in court.

Hollywood actor arrested after crashing Porsche

A Porsche belonging to Hollywood actor Christopher McDonald veered off the road in Lake Arrowhead Village late last month. The vehicle crashed into a gas valve, causing a natural gas leak in the area. The leak continued for an hour before it could be repaired. In the interim, community members said that they were suffering from headaches caused by the gas.

3 questions about intoxicated boating

A lot of boating enthusiasts do not realize that a North Carolina police officer can arrest them for intoxicated boating, or boating under the influence (BUI), just like an officer can arrest them for intoxicated driving. In fact, the charges and potential penalties are essentially the same for intoxicated boating as they are for drunk driving.

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