Criminal Defense

16 May

Raleigh parents arrested for alleged child abuse of four-month old baby

RALEIGH N.C. – On October 25, 2019, police executed a warrant to arrest Verdine Dunn, 24,...

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12 Feb

Border searches: Can the police search the contents of your cell phone?

Most of us have seen some television rendition of a border search-multiple lines of cars...

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What You Need to Know Before Flying Your Drone

As of January 2021, there are almost 1.8 million drones registered in the United States. Of those...

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6 Feb

Roundup: Top 11 “Florida man” encounters with the law

Spend any amount of time on the internet, and you’re bound to come across the...

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4 Dec

Sending fewer juveniles to adult court

It was 1971 when the voting age in the US was set to 18 years...

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2 Dec

How do appeals work?

The banging of the gavel is supposed to be the end. The final sentence. But...

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