Criminal Justice

25 Jul

Smartphones and the Fourth Amendment: ‘Most Important Privacy Case in a Generation’

The Case of Carpenter v. United States We wait with bated breath the next term of...

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27 Jun

Supreme Court Votes in Favor of First Amendment, Against North Carolina’s Ban on Social Media

“In sum, to foreclose access to social media altogether is to prevent the user from...

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3 Mar

Follow the Money: Trump’s ‘For-Profit Justice’

Can an article from 2015 be just as relevant today as it was two years...

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1 Feb

Say Hello to Attorney General Jeff Sessions: Hugely Tremendous or Total Disaster for Criminal Justice Reform?

Sessions has a mixed record on criminal lawmaking, but he may very well take the...

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19 Aug

A Path to Liberty and Justice for All: Taking Profit out of Prisons

We’ve long known that it’s a bad idea to turn criminal justice into a profit-making...

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2 Aug

Ahh, the Pleasures of Paying Your North Carolina Traffic Ticket Online

Our take: This is a huge positive for North Carolina residents and quite a time-saver...

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