Criminal Justice

1 Feb

Black History Month: Celebrating The First Black Attorneys In America

It’s Black history month, and with all that has happened in the past year, now...

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18 Dec

LAPD’s downsizing raises bigger question: Is defunding police the right move?

The tragic death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police officers spurred a...

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21 Oct

Do Trump’s tax-avoiding tactics cross the line?

Aggressive tax strategies, questionable deductions and mountains of debt: These are just a few of...

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24 Sep

What hopes do Democrats have for blocking another Trump nominee on the Supreme Court?

It’s been an explosive election year, with an impeachment, pandemic, economic freefall, George Floyd, riots...

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1 Sep

Jacob Blake shooting: How much do the facts matter?

By now, it’s become all too familiar: The disturbing footage of a Black man being...

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24 Aug

How Black attorneys in North Carolina have overcome hurdles throughout history

Black attorneys have made enormous contributions to the legal profession in North Carolina. Their stories...

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