Criminal Justice

3 Aug

What will appointment of new federal judge mean for criminal caseload?

The Eastern District of North Carolina finally has a new federal judge on the bench...

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4 Jun

George Floyd: Unpacking the criminal charges against the former police officers

Last week, George Floyd joined dozens of others on the grim roll call of black...

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8 Apr

Should prison inmates be released to stem the tide of COVID?

Few places are more vulnerable to pandemics than prisons. With hundreds of inmates jammed into...

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1 Apr

What happens if you violate state or county “Stay-At-Home” order?

This note explains the consequences of violating a State or County “Stay-At-Home” order. Effective as...

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20 Mar

Binge-worthy docuseries explores dark side of drug crime labs

Stuck at home, millions of Americans are turning to streaming services as their new nightlife....

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13 Mar

“False Confessions” How Podcast Sheds Light On Wrongful Convictions

Interrogation is a cornerstone of law enforcement. And for good reason. Many a conviction has...

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