Criminal Justice

12 Dec

Should this judge be removed from power?

“Abuse of power” is in the news, and not just because of the impeachment investigation...

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17 Oct

How does impeachment work?

Impeachment is a word most people have grown up with. From Nixon to Clinton, and...

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16 Sep

Will Brexit affect individual Americans?

Brexit has been in the headlines for three years – most Americans know the word...

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13 Sep

Trump’s Trade War With China: Who Are Holding All the Cards?

Trump has long made the trade war with China a focus of his presidency. Conflicts...

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7 Aug

Mass shootings and presidential rhetoric: Has Trump fanned the flames of hatred?

After a pair of mass shootings left 31 people dead last weekend, the usual questions...

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1 Jul

A boxer is in a fighting stance Home » Criminal Justice » Federal judge orders swift action to improve conditions among migrant children at border

After dozens of reports came to light about appalling conditions at the southern border, a...

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