Drug Crimes

2 Oct

Meth “super labs” create problems

The crackdown on meth labs in the US has made a difference, but only a...

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2 Jan

Drug bust leads to the arrest of 23 people before Christmas

When the police perform a raid on a suspected drug operation, there is always a...

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11 Dec

1 dies from overdose, dealer faces over 10 years in prison

If you’re accused of drug crimes, then you know it takes a strong defense to...

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9 Nov

2 ways to defend against drug possession charges

Even if police accuse you of possessing only a small amount of drugs, the allegations...

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12 Oct

Do you need an appellate attorney for your criminal trial?

Imagine you lost your drug crimes trial and now you’re awaiting sentencing. That’s bad enough,...

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4 Oct

Schedule I Drugs: What drugs have the severest punishments?

The federal Controlled Substances Act (CSA) has established five primary classifications of drugs from Schedule...

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