Drug Crimes

14 Sep

North Carolina sheriff’s candidate charged with marijuana crimes

A sheriff’s candidate and his son have been arrested and accused of committing drug crimes...

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24 Aug

3 types of drug crimes charges

Drug crimes are some of the most common crimes that any individual can be accused...

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17 Aug

Drug crime allegations: How to choose a defense attorney

No matter the circumstances of your arrest, if you’ve been charged with drug-related crimes, you’re...

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3 Aug

Will a drug crimes conviction interfere with federal student aid?

North Carolina university students who benefit from federal student aid need to be aware that...

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27 Jul

Intentional versus unintentional crimes

Sometimes North Carolina residents intentionally commit a crime — perhaps by knowingly selling an illegal...

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22 Jul

Greenlighting recreational marijuana: Will others soon follow in Canada’s wake?

Earlier this week, the Canadian Senate voted to legalize recreational marijuana, overturning 95 years of...

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