Drug Crimes

6 Jul

What constitutes drug paraphernalia?

It’s illegal to possess drug paraphernalia – everyone knows this – but many people don’t...

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This man is spending life in prison for a nonviolent LSD crime

Federal authorities caught a man named Robert James Riley mailing LSD to a friend in...

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29 Jun

What criminal defense “story” is appropriate for your case?

Every criminal defendant has the right to his or her day in court. In many...

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8 Jun

Will the federal government lower North Carolina drug crime?

The U.S. Attorney’s Office says it wants to reduce instances of drug crime in North...

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11 May

What Are The Some Common Defenses Against Drug Crime Allegations?

Ever since the United States began its war on drugs, state and federal governments have...

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20 Apr

2 black men victimized by discrimination in Starbucks arrest

Everyone has heard stories of racially motivated arrests, and most people know that they’re a...

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