Drug Crimes

30 Mar

Police have arrested a man on drug trafficking charges in Candler

A man from Candler has been arrested on charges of drug trafficking. Authorities say that...

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1 Feb

What’s required for a drug possession conviction?

Being accused of a crime such as drug possession is one thing. Being convicted of...

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19 Jan

2 examples of common drug crimes

Imagine you’re riding in the car with your friend, and unbeknownst to you, your friend...

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17 Jan

North Carolina continues its ‘harm reduction’ push for people dealing with drug addiction

“It’s hard at first getting people to trust me and to believe that the exchange...

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12 Jan

What are the most common drug crimes?

Countless North Carolina residents get accused of drug crimes every week throughout the state. If...

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22 Dec

What questions should I ask my criminal defense attorney?

When you’re in the market for a criminal defense lawyer, you’ll want to review your...

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