Drunk Driving

22 Jun

July 4th dangers: Drunk driving, disorderly conduct charges

We all like to have a good time on July Fourth. For a lot of...

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11 Jan

3 tips for avoiding a drunken drive home

People don’t usually plan to drive while intoxicated, but things change once they start drinking....

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4 Jan

How much alcohol is too much to drive?

Drunk driving is something seen on the roads almost every day throughout the country. People...

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30 Nov

Don’t make a holiday mistake: Avoid a drunk driving charge

Drunk driving is dangerous and opens up the possibility of a world of legal trouble...

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26 Nov

The drunk driving checkpoint and what to expect

Drunk driving is a serious crime that occurs in Raleigh, North Carolina and all over...

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1 Nov

How often should police calibrate their Breathalyzer devices?

A Breathalyzer device does not always render an accurate test result. In fact, the result...

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