Drunk Driving

19 Oct

Avoid getting arrested for drunk driving charge with these tips

If you’ve been arrested and accused of drunk driving, you’re at risk of having it...

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27 Sep

Airline pilots and drunk driving convictions: What happens?

It’s not easy to become a commercial airline pilot. You need to log countless hours...

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20 Sep

What should I do if the police pull me over?

If you’re a North Carolina motorist, at some point in time, you’ll probably get pulled...

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7 Sep

What constitutes an ‘aggravated’ drunk driving charge?

An accusation of aggravating drunk driving is an elevated form of DUI offense that comes...

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31 Aug

Resident physician accused of drunk driving in Morganton

A resident doctor was suspended from employment after police in Morganton arrested and charged him...

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8 Aug

Drunk driving charges after a fatal crash need a careful defense

A drunk driving conviction can result in serious criminal consequences. These consequences, however, will be...

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