Federal Crimes

29 Oct

What is the Difference Between State & Federal Crimes in North Carolina?

At Roberts Law Group, our skilled Raleigh criminal defense attorneys understand that the only thing more intimidating...

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31 Aug

Capitol Hill bomb threat suspect arrested without incident

Capitol Police responded to a frightening call recently, when a man claimed he had gunpowder...

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16 Oct

Wishing the president harm on social media: a federal felony?

It’s an unusual time in history. Not only are we in the midst of one...

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12 Sep

Can politics threaten the neutrality of the Supreme Court?

Some people embrace a spirited political debate and others cover their ears and run for...

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15 Apr

60-year-old man facing charges for raping teen girl

A man that police in Raleigh, North Carolina, say raped a teenage girl has surrendered...

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18 Dec

Is reforming the justice system the right choice?

North Carolina police officers may need to arrest people, but is jail or prison always...

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