Federal Crimes

4 Dec

Hacking: Varied penalties are hard to predict

Hacking into a computer may be a federal crime, depending on how it’s done and...

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26 Oct

5 situations when a crime could be tried in federal court

When a North Carolina resident is arrested for a crime, the matter could be tried...

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20 Jul

Could the federal government legalize marijuana soon?

There’s no telling how soon the federal government could legalize marijuana, but certain U.S. senators...

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14 Jun

New Assistant U.S. Attorney positions in Charlotte to focus on violent crime

Last week, the Justice Department announced the creation of more than 300 Assistant United States...

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6 Apr

What is mail fraud?

If you were accused of “mail fraud,” you might not consider it to be a...

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9 Mar

What are the contrasts between state and federal prison?

Individuals accused of federal crimes Individuals accused of federal crimes often want to know the...

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