Federal Crimes

2 Mar

Lawmakers propose ban on semiautomatic assault weapons

Two Democratic representatives introduced a bill that would ban assault weapons last Monday. The bill...

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8 Feb

Is my crime a state or federal crime?

State and federal laws render numerous types of drugs illegal. However, the legality of the...

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3 Nov

When do criminal cases get tried in federal court?

The vast majority of criminal trials are handled in the state and county court systems....

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31 Oct

The Impeachment of President Trump

“It is not the function of our government to keep the citizen from falling into...

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5 Oct

Federal marijuana distribution penalties

North Carolina residents accused of crossing the state border while distributing marijuana — or those...

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15 Sep

What’s the federal mandatory minimum penalty for LSD trafficking?

The federal mandatory minimum penalty for LSD trafficking The United States federal government has classified...

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