Federal Crimes

24 Aug

Man accused of federal fraud after purchasing foreclosed home

According to federal officials, a man from Wake Forest generated over $1 million in fraudulent...

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21 Apr

How are state and federal courts different?

The United States has two kinds of courts, and depending on your allegedly criminal actions,...

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24 Mar

How does the government spend its crime enforcement money?

If you were to ask the average person how the federal government is spending its...

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16 Feb

Day Without Immigrants: Do We Need Them? Or Are We ‘Just Fine’ Without Them?

On the Day Without Immigrants, one Facebook status update proclaimed that we’re “just fine” without...

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6 Jan

Prison population drops as crime rates continue to decline

North Carolina residents will be happy to hear that the number of U.S. residents being...

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13 Dec

What is a racketeering or RICO crime?

Whenever you hear about a racketeering or RICO-related allegation it refers to allegations related to...

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