Federal Crimes

2 Sep

President grants clemency to record number of federal inmates

President Obama is in his last year as president and has decided to commute the...

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12 Aug

Man exonerated after 28 years in prison

A federal judge in North Carolina has ordered that a man who was sent to...

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15 Jul

Guilty plea on charges of visa fraud conspiracy

A 36-year-old man from Raleigh has pleaded guilty to charges that he illegally recruited and...

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8 Jul

Raleigh restaurant owner charged with multiple crimes

Some of our readers have probably visited the Sawasdee Thai Restaurant in Raleigh. Recently, federal...

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24 Jun

Federal jury finds gangleader guilty of kidnapping

In April 2014, a man convicted of an attempted murder in 2012 orchestrated a kidnapping....

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2 Jun

Federal agents arrest multiple people for drug, money laundering

Federal Bureau of Investigation agents and U.S. deputy marshals made several arrests on a recent...

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