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20 Apr

Win a $2,500 scholarship and make studying for the bar exam look easy

Two smart law students from North Carolina were the first to win our $2,500 bar...

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2 Feb

Two Future Superstar Attorneys of North Carolina

Winners of the First Roberts Law Group Bar Exam Scholarship Two hardworking law students are about to...

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28 Nov

Attorney Miranda Mills Appointed by North Carolina Governor to the Council for Women

“We need leaders such as you in public service to help promote our vision and...

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15 Nov

Show us you care about criminal justice

And we’ll show you that we care about the next generation of ambitious young lawyers....

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18 Aug

Charlotte: Beginning of the End for Trump?

Donald Trump doesn’t believe in polls. And maybe he’s right. Maybe he shouldn’t believe in...

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7 Jul

Hillary Clinton: Future President or Future Prisoner?

Contrary to what Hillary Clinton very likely wants, the dust hasn’t quite settled on the...

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