Internet Sex Crimes

4 Sep

Defending North Carolina residents in internet sex crimes cases

Believe it or not, you can get charged with a sex crime for using the...

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24 Jul

Assistant professor arrested on sex charges involving minor

When an educator is accused of sex crimes involving a minor, the media can quickly...

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29 May

The perception of online predators is wrong

Thanks to television shows and other sources, people often have the idea that Internet sex...

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27 Mar

Government employees arrested for various child porn, sex crimes

The Internet has certainly changed the world in which we live. Virtually anything can be...

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20 Feb

What are the laws on online solicitation in North Carolina?

The Internet has brought an entire new world to the masses. Many parents, though, are...

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12 Dec

What is child pornography as defined by federal law?

A conviction on the charge of distributing child pornography can affect more than just a...

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