White Collar Crimes

30 Jul

Is cryptocurrency secret? Law enforcement more able to trace it

On May 7, the Colonial Pipeline’s computer systems were breached in a highly publicized ransomware...

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16 Jul

California man convicted of bank fraud for hiding pot transactions

It’s not easy selling the green. Marijuana is legal, at least for medical use, in...

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23 Mar

How will cryptocurrencies be regulated under Biden?

When it comes to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, there is always the possibility that they...

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1 Mar

Trump loses legal battle to shield financial records from New York criminal probe

After a years-long legal battle, former president Donald Trump finally surrendered his tax and financial...

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3 Sep

Federal government starts cracking down on PPP fraud

The coronavirus pandemic has hit small businesses hard, and many are desperate for funds to...

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10 Jan

A CEO, a stowaway and an international fugitive

It turns out life is like the movies – at least a little bit. But...

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