White Collar Crimes

2 Jan

North Carolina woman charged with embezzlement

According to the North Carolina Department of Revenue, a 56-year-old woman stands accused of embezzling...

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20 Nov

What is the legal definition of embezzlement?

In the North Carolina General Statutes, the crime of embezzlement is referenced in Chapter 14,...

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23 Oct

Former Charlotte mayor shows contrition at his sentencing

People who have led honest, productive lives can get caught up in white collar crimes....

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12 Sep

What are the categories of white collar crime?

Do you know the types of crimes that are considered “white-collar” violations? In most situations, white...

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15 Aug

North Carolina residents plead guilty to sweepstakes fraud

Two Greensboro, North Carolina, residents have pleaded guilty to federal allegations in connection with a...

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11 Jul

North Carolina doctor pleads guilty to health care, tax fraud

A physician who reportedly hid millions of dollars in income from the federal government has...

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