White Collar Crimes

23 May

Under Investigation For Financial Crimes? Feds May Be Listening

Wiretaps aren’t just being used to investigate violent crimes, organized crime and drug offenses anymore....

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12 May

Collettsville School Secretary Charged With Embezzlement

The Caldwell County Sheriff’s office is estimating that former school secretary Emily Hawkins embezzled at...

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4 Apr

Charlotte Woman Received $2.5 Million In Medicaid Fraud Scheme

After making $4.8 million worth of false claims to Medicaid, Rodnisha Cannon received approximately $2.5...

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21 Mar

Crop Insurance Fraud Scheme Uncovered In North Carolina

A fraud scheme that involved cash for crops while the same farmers made insurance claims...

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18 Mar

Queen Shoals Ponzi Schemer Sentenced To 10 Years, Restitution

Gary Martin, formerly of Asheville, set up Queen Shoals Consultants as a North Carolina limited-liability...

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19 Feb

Former BOA Bank Teller Embezzled $700k Over 15 Years

While she was out sick, a financial fraud scheme by a former bank teller for...

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