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Man gets life sentence for federal crimes associated with pot

A North Carolina man has received a shocking life prison sentence for his participation in a large drug trafficking ring that led to large amounts of marijuana being distributed in the Charlotte area. The man, age 34, was charged with federal crimes including money laundering and conspiracy to distribute more than 1,000 kilograms of marijuana. The man and two co-defendants were convicted in October after a short trial.

Man gets 15 months for federal crimes after stealing from bank

A North Carolina man has been sentenced to 15 months' prison time after he was convicted of stealing more than $140,000 from a bank vault. That man, age 21, had been an employee with an armored car service at the time of the federal crimes. He has also been sentenced to repay the money and serve two years' worth of court-mandated supervision. The man had pleaded guilty to bank theft in March 2013. He was sentenced in Charlotte, North Carolina, on May 21.

Man charged with kidnapping after absconding with ex-wife

An area man accused of absconding with his ex-wife to North Carolina has been formally charged with kidnapping. The man allegedly took the woman from a West Knoxville area home in Tennessee. The kidnapping is reportedly considered a federal crime because it crossed state lines. The man could face a life sentence behind bars if he is convicted on the charges.

Gang members sentenced after guilty plea for federal crimes

Two men associated with a violent gang have been sentenced to decades in prison after a recent courtroom hearing. The men were convicted in February on charges of federal crimes that included racketeering, robbery, sex trafficking, drug distribution and weapons offense. The older defendant, age 34, was sentenced to a 40-year prison term, while another 29-year-old man will serve 30 years' time.

8 charged for federal crimes after kidnapping of prosecutor's dad

An eighth person has been arrested in connection with the kidnapping of a North Carolina prosecutor's father. The most recent defendant, a 21-year-old man, is slated to appear in federal court in late April in connection with the incident. He was arrested on April 21 for his alleged involvement in the federal crimes, when officers found him at his home in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

North Carolina man seeks plea deal for federal crimes, fraud

A North Carolina man could face up to 20 years' prison time in connection with accusations that he defrauded charities in the area. Official reports show that the man is charged with federal crimes including conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud. It appears that the man has not been officially indicted, but the charges have been formally issued in an "information," another type of legal document. The North Carolina man has been charged with perpetrating the crimes throughout the Southeast.

Tax preparation fraud abounds in North Carolina, other states

Many Americans know the stress of the approaching tax season. Even though crunching those numbers can be demanding, financial experts say that other dangers may lurk beneath the surface of your tax-preparation efforts. Some tax preparers in North Carolina and other states are accused of serious federal crimes after allegedly altering financial data and stealing others' identities.

Man convicted of federal crimes for smuggling narwhal tusks

North Carolina has a significant amount of shoreline. For many, the beach provides a scenic vista and hours of recreation. For others, though, the ocean may be the source of something far more nefarious: federal crime allegations. News reports out of North Carolina show that one East Coast man is facing potentially serious consequences after being convicted of smuggling narwhal tusks into the country. The defendant was convicted on six counts of smuggling, conspiracy and money laundering, among other allegations. He could spend decades in prison because of the conviction.

Federal crimes defendants may be victimized by grand jury system

Attorneys from Raleigh are calling the current North Carolina grand jury system "a joke," alleging that the excessive use of this legal tool is diminishing the quality of legal proceedings in the state. Grand juries hand down indictments in a variety of North Carolina cases, including those in which the defendant is accused of federal crimes. Attorneys argue that the grand juries are handing out indictments indiscriminately, failing to correctly weigh evidence and information in critical cases.

Man facing federal crimes, state allegations after shooting

A North Carolina man who was accused of shooting a Charlotte police officer is now facing a series of violent crime and weapons charges in connection with the incident. Those federal crimes include violations related to interstate commerce laws, according to formal court documents. The defendant in this case is accused of stealing paychecks from an out-of-state provider when he held up a fast-food restaurant in mid-December. This alleged interference in interstate commerce makes the case a federal matter, which could lead to heftier punishment due to federal sentencing guidelines.

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