I have practiced criminal law for more than a decade, first as a North Carolina prosecutor and then as a criminal defense attorney. I’ve handled hundreds of cases on both sides of the table, state cases and federal cases, and have come to understand how criminal justice works in this country.

As a criminal defense attorney, I firmly believe in “innocent until proven guilty.”

If you have been charged with a child pornography offense, you are not guilty until you’ve had a chance to confront the government. In over a decade of practice, I’ve learned-just like other prosecutors and defense lawyers like me have learned-that cases are rarely black and white, including cases involving child pornography.

And as a contributing author of Strategies for Defending Internet Pornography Cases , I understand what it means to face the government in cases that involve electronic documents and technological evidence, cases that might seem hopeless or overwhelmingly intimidating because it’s the federal government that’s busted down your door.

We practice law in North Carolina, with offices in Charlotte, Raleigh, Wilmington, and Greensboro. We represent clients statewide. We also represent clients facing federal child pornography charges nationwide, in any of the 94 federal judicial districts across the country.

As a former prosecutor, I understand this game. I know how it works. But I don’t treat it like a game. Your life is not a game. The criminal justice system is not a game. Being as aggressive as possible, and knowing as much as possible as a criminal defense lawyer, is the only option. I promise to do my best job and fight for justice every step of the way.

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