RELEASED: October 12, 2012

(WILMINGTON, NC) A Wilmington criminal defense attorney from Marcilliat & Mills PLLC successfully negotiated with the Assistant District Attorney for dismissal of assault charges against his client who had been charged with assault on a female. Originally facing up to five months behind bars, our client was able to avoid any criminal penalties related to the incident.

The case started with a heated argument between a father and his daughter that had escalated to the point that the daughter was slapped across the face by her father. Alcohol was involved, allowing tempers to flare between the two. The Department of Social Services (DSS) became involved, investigating the alleged assault.

After being accused of assault on a female, the father sought out the legal assistance of the experienced attorneys of Marcilliat & Mills PLLC. A defense lawyer from our Wilmington office was involved through the duration of the DSS investigation, which was eventually dropped.

After the DSS investigation was closed, the defense attorney was able to focus on working with the Assistant District Attorney (ADA) to drop the criminal investigation into the assault charges. The lawyer was able to show the ADA that his client not only felt remorse for his actions, but that he was already seeking treatment on his own, doing whatever he could to ensure that this type of incident did not occur again in the future. The ADA dropped the assault charges, recognizing the man’s own commitment to seeking treatment outside the criminal justice system.

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North Carolina v. J.S.
Indecent Exposure
Potentially Facing: 30 days in Jail
Result: Case Dismissed

Marcilliat & Mills PLLC acted quickly, meeting with the DA’s office to mitigate on behalf of their client, who had no prior criminal history. The Defendant had cooperated fully with the officer. At defense counsel’s prompting, the ADA spoke with his Law Enforcement Officers and determined that Defendant had been through enough already. Dismissed on the first court date.