RELEASED: JAN. 24, 2011

RALEIGH, NC -Raleigh criminal defense lawyer Patrick Roberts at the Roberts Marcilliat & Mills PLLC PLLC used the facts he learned about his client’s criminal arrest to negotiate a potential 70 to 80 month prison sentence down to 10 to 12 months. Criminal attorney Patrick Roberts used information that he gleaned in truly getting to know his client in discussions with the Wake County District Attorney’s Office.

The facts of the case were as follows: Mr. Roberts‘ client was facing two counts of drug trafficking after police recovered two large quantities of cocaine from a house where his client was staying. Even though Mr. Roberts‘ client had witnesses willing to testify against him, Mr. Roberts negotiated a plea bargain with the assigned Assistant District Attorney (ADA) that allowed his client to plead guilty to possession with intent to sell and deliver cocaine (PWISD), rather than the more serious cocaine trafficking charges. Under the terms of the plea deal, Mr. Roberts‘ client was sentenced to 10 to 12 months in prison, which is a substantial reduction down from the mandatory 70 to 80 month potential sentence.

Mr. Roberts‘ success in this case was directly attributed to the time that he spent getting to know his client and understanding the facts of the incident. “It is very important for a criminal lawyer to dig into the facts and spend a lot of time with the client to understand what happened on the day in question; small facts can have a huge impact on the negotiation,” Mr. Roberts said. “Even though my client’s co-defendants were prepared to testify against him, we were still able to negotiate a plea deal for significantly less time.”

If you are facing a serious criminal accusation, you want a Raleigh criminal attorney who will listen to your side of the story and use that information to fight for your rights.

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North Carolina v. J.S.
Indecent Exposure
Potentially Facing: 30 days in Jail
Result: Case Dismissed

Roberts Marcilliat & Mills PLLC acted quickly, meeting with the DA’s office to mitigate on behalf of their client, who had no prior criminal history. The Defendant had cooperated fully with the officer. At defense counsel’s prompting, the ADA spoke with his Law Enforcement Officers and determined that Defendant had been through enough already. Dismissed on the first court date.