Patrick Roberts Examines 4 th Amendment Search And Seizure Issues In DWI Defense

Released: 9/7/2012

(Wilmington, NC) Patrick Roberts, of Roberts Marcilliat & Mills PLLC, joined several attorneys from top law firms across the country to co-author The Legality of Search and Seizure in DUI Cases, 2012 ed.: Leading Lawyers on Leveraging Science and Process to Develop Winning Defense Strategies (Inside the Minds) Available for purchase through the Westlaw store, this latest edition is a guide for lawyers who litigate drunk driving cases, educating legal practitioners on law enforcement procedures related to search and seizure and common mistakes made during a stop and arrest.

Understanding what should be done during the initial stop, subsequent investigation and arrest is important for DWI defense attorneys who must be able to recognize when police officers go beyond legally allowable procedures. Finding these mistakes and using them to your DUI client’s advantage may mean the difference between dismissal, a reduction of charges or a conviction.

Patrick Roberts served as an Assistant District Attorney in three North Carolina counties, prosecuting drunk driving offenders, as well as those accused of other crimes, before dedicating his legal practice to criminal defense. He has effectively used his prior experience as a prosecutor and knowledge of North Carolina DWI law and procedure to successfully defend individuals facing drunk driving charges throughout the state.

Roberts is a member of the National College for DUI Defense. He has previously co-authored a similar Inside the Minds guide on litigating sex offense cases, entitled Strategies for Defending Internet Pornography Cases: Leading Lawyers on Analyzing Electronic Documents, Utilizing Expert Witnesses, and Explaining Technological Evidence.

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North Carolina v. J.S.
Indecent Exposure
Potentially Facing: 30 days in Jail
Result: Case Dismissed

Roberts Marcilliat & Mills PLLC acted quickly, meeting with the DA’s office to mitigate on behalf of their client, who had no prior criminal history. The Defendant had cooperated fully with the officer. At defense counsel’s prompting, the ADA spoke with his Law Enforcement Officers and determined that Defendant had been through enough already. Dismissed on the first court date.