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North Carolina v. J.A. – Our client was charged with First Degree Rape, First Degree Sexual Offense, and First Degree Kidnapping, causing the client to face 793 to 1000 months in prison. The alleged victim claimed that she was taken against her will and raped by multiple men, including our client. We discredited the victim’s accusations by pointing out the numerous inconsistencies in her allegations and the Assistant District Attorney dismissed all charges against our client.


North Carolina v. B.P. – Our client was accused of Felony Second Degree Rape after celebrating a friend’s birthday in downtown Raleigh. The alleged victim, who was passed out from drinking, woke up to our client in her bed and our client’s wife yelling at her for having sex with her husband. The alleged victim accused our client of sexual assault. After our office did our own investigation, it was revealed that the sex between our client and the alleged victim was consensual. Thus, the District Attorney’s Office dismissed the charges.


North Carolina v. M.R. – Our client was arrested and charged at an airport with the most serious drug trafficking charges in North Carolina and facing a mandatory minimum of about 19 years on each trafficking charge. After gaining access to a key lab report that showed the substance seized by law enforcement from our client was not actually heroin – or any other controlled substance – all charges against our client were dismissed.


North Carolina v. T.S. – Police stopped our client’s girlfriend after she left our client’s house and was found to be in the possession of a significant quantity of crack cocaine. The police believed our client’s girlfriend was a drug mule for our client. Our client was subsequently charged with two counts of Trafficking Cocaine and other felony and misdemeanor charges. After rejecting a plea offer and filing a motion to suppress challenging the traffic stop, the Assistant District Attorney dismissed all of the charges.


North Carolina v. J.S. – Our client, who was a high-level employee for a major retailer, was falsely accused of embezzling merchandise from her company totaling more than $15,000 and facing 6-17 months in prison plus status as a convicted felon. After reviewing the State’s evidence, our firm performed an independent investigation of the facts that led to the discovery of a key defense witness whose testimony completely exonerated our client of any wrongdoing. Upon presenting this witness’ sworn testimony to the assigned prosecutor, all charges against our client were promptly dismissed.

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State v. J.A. – First Degree Rape

Not Guilty

State v. B.S. – First Degree Murder

Reduced Charges

State v. E.D. – Identity Theft

No Charges Filed

State v. J.A. – First Degree Rape

Each case is different and must be evaluated on its individual facts. We work hard to assess each case individually. Prior results do not guarantee any future outcome.


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