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No Charges Filed


State v. R.F. – Our client was accused of forcing a high school classmate to have sexual intercourse with him without consent, which would have resulted in 182 to 279 months in prison plus sex offender registration. Within days of being hired by our client, our firm collected exculpatory evidence from cellular phones, social media websites, and medical professionals. After an interview with the detective, the investigation was closed and no charges were filed.


North Carolina v. R.S. – Our clients were under investigation for child abuse as a result of severe brain bleeding suffered by their newborn child. We investigated and obtained information showing that the brain bleeding was caused by a rare, undiagnosed medical condition. No charges were filed against our clients and Child Protective Services dismissed its investigation.


State v. A.S. – A daughter and her parents accused our client of performing sexual acts on the daughter during a get-together, which could lead to a 300 months mandatory minimum sentence, sex offender registration, and satellite base monitoring for life. After being retained, our firm immediately interviewed eye witnesses and prepared affidavits for all third-parties present at the get-together. After discussions with the law enforcement officers investigating this case, the State elected to drop its investigation into our client


Investigation of E.C. – Our client, a high school student, was accused of raping his ex-girlfriend. We provided a list of witnesses and a statement from our client highlighting evidence to support our position. We were also able to investigate and obtain documentation that the alleged victim suffered from a mental disorder and, as a symptom of that disorder, was known to fabricate events that never happened. As a result of the information provided to the detective through our office, no charges were filed against our client.

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State v. J.A. – First Degree Rape

Not Guilty

State v. B.S. – First Degree Murder

Reduced Charges

State v. E.D. – Identity Theft

No Charges Filed

State v. J.A. – First Degree Rape

Each case is different and must be evaluated on its individual facts. We work hard to assess each case individually. Prior results do not guarantee any future outcome.


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