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I could not have made a better selection when I chose Jesse to handle my case. In any legal matter, being informed and cognizant of the facts concerning your case is very important. Jesse was able to always provide me the guidance and confidence that is indicative of a great lawyer. His legal knowledge and experience proved invaluable and ultimately resulted in the dismissal of my case. I would highly recommend Jesse as an excellent choice.

Brian on

It was a pleasure working with Roberts Law Group. The staff went above and beyond to meet my needs. Everyone was friendly, professional, and dedicated to getting me the best possible outcome. My case was dismissed, and I couldn’t be happier. I would definitely recommend this firm to my friends and family. They get results!

Courtney A. on Google

Roberts Law Group is the place to go when in trouble. The stress of having a possiple conviction on my record was put at ease a soon as I contacted Roberts Law Group. I was not treated like just another client. Instead, they took the time to carefully examine my case, came up with an effective strategy, and kept me updated along the way. They provide excellent service and I couldn’t be more pleased with the result. Case dismissed!!

Courtney A. on

Roberts Law Group made a time in my life that was supposed to be stressful as easy as possible. The staff worked hard to ease my worries, and I got a great outcome. Thank you Roberts Law Group!

Courtney A. on Yelp

Fights for their clients rights and succeed! Thank you Roberts Law Group🙂

A Google User on Google

First finding out I may be looking at a 25 to life sentence with how my investigation was going, my whole life seemed to collapse under me. I had no one who could truley help. I was cornered and nothing seemed to change. After sealing my agreement with the Robert Law Group right away I was given strength, and endless support. The ups and downs never seemed to stop, but everytime I faced a situation where I had no control, Patrick was there to help me.

The Roberts Law Group not only saved me from facing a life of pain, but also showed me that I can be the person I am destined and that by never giving up, things will change.

E.F., a Violent Crime client on

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My experience with the Roberts Law Group was excellent

I chose Roberts Law Group because they were very attuned to my needs and were prompt with my questions and issues. My overall experience with the Roberts Law Group was excellent. I was very thankful for everything they did for me. You want to go with Roberts Law Group because they’re going to get you the results you want.

Written by: Client.

Confidence is their biggest strength

If you want to be represented in a way that makes you feel like, hey, I don’t have to worry about anything, then you most definitely want to choose Roberts Law Group. Their biggest strength – I would have to say confidence. Because I mean any time you’re confident in what you’re doing, then it shows. And it just made you feel confident walking in, you know, seeing the things around, especially like the picture of the tiger on the wall. It shows strength, and even with the conversations, it shows strength and confidence in what they were doing. I mean they’re like family, and how do you not feel comfortable around family?

Written by: Client.

Roberts Law Group was a Great Choice

I looked in the Internet, looked through a variety of ads for attorneys, and when I came across the Roberts Law Group, I read his background and being a Duke graduate. Seemed to me that he knew his way around the system, so that’s how I selected the Roberts Law Group, and I was going strictly by qualification. As it turned out, it was a great choice. They seem very well organized. Right away they took me by the hand, answered every question in detail. They had a great deal of patience. In my business, we are detail oriented, and I don’t trust other companies, other industries, other people to do that. I found the Roberts Law Group to be absolutely detail oriented, the way the I do my job, and that gave me a great deal of confidence. And as it turned out, it was, again, the right move.

Written by: Client.

Roberts Law Group biggest strength is honesty

I think Roberts Law Group biggest strength is honesty. If you just ask him one question, normally his first reaction is “I can’t predict the future.” And that’s what you need to hear because nobody can tell you what’s gonna happen when you get in that courtroom. Nobody could tell you. He doesn’t make up stuff. You have the facts, and he just goes by the facts. If you’re right, you’re right. I’m 100 percent satisfied with all his work, and I enjoy talking to him as a person too.

Written by: Client.

Everybody treats you as you’re the priority.

I think the firm’s biggest strength would be the fact that they do treat you like a family member. Everybody treats you as you’re the priority. I know he has many clients, but it seems like I’m like the special client that he has, and I’m sure he does that with everybody. I consider him a really good friend. I consider some of the staff here as good friends as well, too. When I first chose the Roberts Law Group, I had no hope. It just seemed like, after working with the Roberts Law Group, that hope came back alive.

Written by: Client.

Roberts Law Group handles cases quickly and efficiently

I picked Roberts Law Group because when I met with them, he sounded very confident that he could handle my case, and he told me the time frame that he could handle it, and I felt very confident that he knew what he was gonna do. Someone should choose the Roberts Law Group because he handles the case quickly and efficiently, and he handles it in the way you want him to handle it, and he will let you know at the beginning if it’s possible or not. And pretty much he assured me that it was possible, and he made my case run smoothly, and he won it for me.

Written by: Client.

I would recommend Roberts Law Group to anyone that needs legal assistance because the Roberts Law Group gets results.

I did some research and I found Roberts Law Group. I read Patrick Robert’s bio. He had what I was looking for. He had a broad experience defending citizens’ rights and a proven track record of winning. They’re passionate for what they do, very focused and very aggressive. I would recommend Roberts Law Group to anyone that needs legal assistance because the Roberts Law Group gets results.

Written by: Client.