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Aggressive Sex Crimes Defense Lawyers In Raleigh, NC

The state of North Carolina takes sexual offenses very seriously. Once you have been charged with a sex crime, law enforcement and prosecutors are already considering a presumptive sentence for your alleged crime-even if you know that you are innocent.

In addition, the public perceives anyone charged with a sex crime as guilty until proven innocent. The stigma of this criminal charge could negatively affect your job, personal relationships and reputation.

If you live in the Raleigh area and have been charged with a sex crime, you must take swift action to work with an experienced defense attorney who knows how to protect your rights. At Roberts Law Group, PLLC, we are a defense firm that understands how the other side thinks. With a former prosecutor on our team, we use our insider knowledge to prepare a defense that we’re confident has the best chance of obtaining the best possible results for your case.

Types Of Sex Offenses In Raleigh

There are several types of sex offense charges. Our state classifies most major sex crimes as first or second degree, where first-degree crimes are the most serious and second-degree crimes less serious (though still very serious). Depending on the offense, a conviction can result in consequences such as a lengthy prison sentence and mandatory inclusion on the public sex offender registry.

  • First-degree sexual offenses involve inflicting serious injury, using a weapon, working with one or more other assailants, engaging in a sexual act with a victim who is under 13 years of age or engaging in a sex act with a minor when the defendant is at least four years older than the victim. These crimes have a minimum sentence of 12 years in prison. In some instances, the minimum is 25 years in prison.
  • Second-degree sexual offenses can result in 3 to 15 years in prison. They include forcing a victim to engage in a sex act against their will, and engaging in a sex act with someone who is mentally or physically handicapped.

While some charges are penalized more severely than others, it is crucial to take any charge, no matter how minor it seems, with utmost seriousness. We can work to defend you against criminal sexual charges of every variety.

Potential Defenses Against Sex Crime Charges In Raleigh

You may feel that your case is hopeless: That you have no chance of beating this charge, because the state has sufficient evidence against you. However, you should not feel tempted to plead guilty – especially not before speaking with a lawyer who has experience handling these tough cases.

With an attorney like the ones at Roberts Law Group, PLLC, you still stand a chance of obtaining a favorable result in your sex offense case.

What are some of the potential defenses against sex crime charges in Raleigh that we employ?

  • Using DNA evidence to challenge an allegation
  • Finding discrepancies in the testimony of accusers and witnesses
  • Questioning the motives of the accuser
  • Casting doubt on the credibility of witnesses
  • Presenting evidence that the sex act in question was consensual
  • Negotiating plea deals for lesser charges or sentences

Our team has successfully handled numerous criminal cases involving domestic violence, sexual battery, sexual assault and rape. We have obtained outcomes including reduced sentences, reduced sentences, reduced and dismissed charges and not-guilty verdicts. Our  recent case results* include:

  • Not guilty of sexual battery
  • Dismissal of felony sex charges
  • Dismissal of false allegations of domestic violence
  • Reduction of statutory rape charges from felony to misdemeanor
  • Avoidance of sex offender registry
  • Reduction in a sentence by more than half the recommended level for possession of child pornography

*Each case is different and must be evaluated on its individual facts. We work hard to assess each case individually. Prior results do not guarantee any future outcome. .

No matter how intimidating your case may seem, we know how to take it on and fight for you. We take pride in upholding our clients’ rights in the criminal justice system, no matter how severe the charges against them.

Punishments For Sex Crimes In Raleigh

As we discussed, the punishment for sex crimes in Raleigh can include mandatory registration as a sex offender, a lengthy prison sentence followed by long periods of probation, mandatory rehabilitation treatment, restrictions on owning firearms, restrictions on where you can live and what kind of jobs you can hold, and other harsh penalties.

North Carolina’s prison system does not look kindly on sex offenders. Inmates convicted of felony sex crimes are often the bottom rung of the prison hierarchy. Because many inmates were victims of sexual offenses themselves, they may antagonize or isolate any fellow inmates convicted of these crimes.

There are also sweeping consequences for the mere allegation of a sex crime. For example, these accusations can permanently destroy your career. Many employers do not want their names associated with criminal defendants. Sex crimes in particular have a powerful negative stigma that may take years–if ever–to wear off.

It is critical that you mitigate these consequences as much as possible. Roberts Law Group, PLLC, is devoted to fighting for the best outcome available for you. If we get involved early enough, we may even be able to prevent law enforcement from arresting you and pressing charges.

How To Choose The Right Sex Crimes Defense Lawyer In Raleigh

Selecting a law firm to represent you is one of the most important decisions that you can make regarding your case. Your choice will have a long-lasting impact on your future. When deciding which sex crimes defense lawyer in Raleigh to hire, you should carefully consider a few important factors:

  • Do they have a court record of successful results?
  • Do they have experience handling these types of cases ( including at trial)?
  • Do they have experience handling false allegations of rape and other crimes?
  • Do they have a well-established reputation with law enforcement, prosecutors and the county sheriff’s office?

For Roberts Law Group, the answer to these questions is yes. For over 10 years, we have provided aggressive, devoted criminal defense for North Carolina clients accused of misdemeanor and felony sex crimes.

Led by a founding attorney, Patrick Roberts, who is a former prosecutor and has been practicing for more than 15 years, we use our knowledge of how the other side thinks to build a strong defense. We will do our utmost to protect your criminal record from a sex crime conviction.

Get started with a FREE consultation by calling our Raleigh office at 877-880-5753. You can also contact us online.

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