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Founder Patrick Roberts: When a person is faced with serious allegations from the United States government or from the state of North Carolina, or from local law enforcement officials, our goal is to defend them vigorously against any accusation that’s been made against them.

Our goal is to slay that giant on behalf of our client.

Partner Kevin Marcilliat: Our clients face an incredible amount of difficulties because they’re coming up against the awesome power of the government and the only thing standing between them and a jail cell typically is our law firm.

Partner Miranda Mills: When I start to gather evidence for a case, I look first at exactly the accusations that are being made against my client. So we start to look for weaknesses in the state’s case – but we also start to look at the strengths in the state’s case, so we can figure out how to attack those strengths, and present our story clearly and coherently.

I understand the fact that [my client’s] life is changing instantaneously. The entire world that they’ve known before has now collapsed and they’re having to put the pieces back together very quickly. And they want somebody who can help them with that. That’s something I pride myself in doing.

Former client: My son was accused of a serious crime. My biggest fear was losing my son, possibly for life. I had a hole in my stomach because I really didn’t know who to turn to and I knew I had to do everything as a parent to provide the best representation for him. I needed someone with the background and past performances and I felt that Mr. Roberts‘ law firm did that. It just gave us a sense of calmness knowing that we had the right person on our side.

Kevin Marcilliat: In the last eight years, our firm has defended over 3,000 criminal cases. With that comes an incredible degree of institutional knowledge. That really shows in the results that we get for our clients.

Miranda Mills: They’re not alone. They have a voice in this. I’m fighting for somebody that needs someone on their side.

Patrick Roberts: We will fight for our clients. We will do everything we can. We review every document. We will talk to every witness. We will file every motion. We will do everything that is humanly possible to defend the people we represent.

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