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A Serious Defense Against Serious Charges

Murder? Seriously?

Yes, seriously.

There is nothing more serious than being accused of murder. An outcome not in your favor could result in you spending the rest of your life in prison or being executed at the hands of the state. You may not be able to undo what has happened up to this point, but the choices you make now can make all the difference in your defense.

The first step is making sure you have an accomplished criminal defense attorney working to minimize your exposure to criminal penalties and protect your good name. In Raleigh and surrounding North Carolina communities you can rely on the proven team at Roberts Law Group, PLLC, to protect your interests every step of the way.

The time to act is NOW if you face murder charges. Call 877-880-5753 now for a free consultation with a proven murder defense lawyer.

Types Of Murder Charges In North Carolina

The two primary types of murder charges in North Carolina are first-degree murder and second-degree murder. First-degree murder involves the deliberate and premeditated taking of someone's life while second-degree murder stems from the intentional yet unplanned taking of a life.

Penalties For Murder In North Carolina

Murder can result in prison sentences up to life in prison without the possibility of parole. First-degree murder is a capital offense when there are aggravating factors, which means your sentence could include the death penalty. Aggravating factors include a murder being committed in conjunction with a robbery, rape, arson, burglary, kidnapping or another felony offense.

There is no such thing as a "light" murder sentence. You need a strong defense to limit your exposure to the harsh penalties of a murder conviction.

Murder Accusations Will Not Magically Disappear

Being accused of murder creates a cloud of suspicion around the accused that can only disappear by disproving the allegations beyond a reasonable doubt. Simply ignoring the accusations against you will not provide you with peace and protect your good name. Every time new forensic technologies become available officers will be at your doorstep attempting to revisit their previous suspect.

With the help of an experienced defense attorney you can force the prosecutors to put up or shut up — in other words, bring forward a case against you or eliminate you as a suspect so you can move on with the rest of your life.

Is It Worth It To Hire An Attorney?

It is not an exaggeration to say that a murder conviction will end your life as you know it — or literally end your life if you are convicted of first-degree murder with aggravating factors. It is absolutely worth the money to invest in a strong defense because your life is priceless.

An attorney can help you build the strongest possible defense and minimize your exposure to the harsh penalties of a conviction as well as the collateral consequences that come with being accused of murder. No matter how smart and thoughtful you are, there are things about the legal process and the criminal justice system that you simply do not know. Having an experienced attorney can help you avoid pitfalls that can derail your defense and leave you facing prison time or worse.

Protect What Matters Most

Your rights. Your freedom. Your good name. They are all on the line if you have been accused of murder. It is imperative to have a proven criminal defense lawyer working on your behalf to limit your exposure to the harsh criminal penalties and collateral consequences that come with murder charges. Call 877-880-5753 or contact us online for a free consultation, and we will handle the rest.

North Carolina vs. M.W.
Charge: Charge: Robbery with A Dangerous Weapon (4 Counts), First Degree Burglary, Conspiracy to Commit Robbery with A Dangerous Weapon
Facing: 12 - 17 years in prison
Result: Dismissed

An incarcerated defendant accused our client of participating in the robbery of a group of youth at a party. We were able to raise doubt as to the credibility of this individual. In the end, the prosecutor dismissed these charges, citing a lack of evidence.